Essential Things to Know About SARMs

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People interested in bodybuilding have to work extra hard and observe a strict diet. They must hit the gym intensely and for many hours while doing cardio exercises, doing reps, lifting weights, and working on getting a strong body from the core moving outwards. Because gaining the muscles and the perfect shape is not easy and takes long, some bodybuilders resort to using steroids to speed up the process. However, anabolic steroids have adverse effects and put the athletes’ life at risk.

With Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) entry into the scene, the athletes got a relief.Many athletes worldwide use SARMs for their fitness goals and are not experiencing anabolic steroids’ adverse effects since SARMs are safer and better. Let’s look at some critical things about SARMs.

Users Choose SARMS Based on Their Needs and Goals

choose and use sarms based on needs and goalsWhile there are not many SARMs available, you need to research the few ones like ostarine, why experts recommend them, and the results you will likely get from them. That way, you can identify the ones that suit your needs and enable you to attain the goals you wish to achieve. Besides, you get to know which of these products complement each other so you can stack them for more power and better results.

Users Must Be Keen on Dosing and Half-Life Information

user must be keen on dose and half lifeWith proper usage, SARMs can deliver excellent results in a few weeks. The users will have gained more muscle mass and energy, fat reduction, and better endurance. However, the athlete must be extra cautious with the dosing and half-life information. These vary from one product to another, and knowing how much to take and after which duration is crucial.

Some products must be consumed once a day, others several times a day, so the recommended level is maintained in the body. When the user is stacking –taking several products, together-they have to be careful since the dosage and half-life of the various products differ. Consuming excess amounts or for too long may lead to more harm than benefits.

SARMS Benefits and Side Effects

When correctly used, SARMs have several benefits: gaining lean muscles, improved fat loss, speedy bone and muscle injuries recovery, and better stamina and energy levels. When it comes to side effects, SARMs have few of them when used correctly, but as one starts using them, they may experience headaches and dry mouth, which may last for a week or two. In incorrect use cases for extended periods, the side effects include liver damage, joint aches, sleep disorders, etc.…

Top Things to Know About Ligandrol

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Ligandrol or Anobolicum is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that is in pre-clinical trials. The idea is that this product will one day replace testosterone supplements, but with minimal side effects. You should note that fitness enthusiasts have been using this product for the last few years to offer them added performance advantage.

Ligandrol is quite effective as far as binding to the androgen receptors is concerned in the muscles and bones. When attachment occurs, it helps boost muscle building and strength. Moreover, it prevents muscle wasting even when in a caloric deficit. Recent studies are quite encouraging as they have shown to have an excellent bond with the androgen receptors.

User Reviews

Recent studies are quite great, but skeptics say that they are done in a controlled environment. They need real-world examples. It is advisable to read user reviews as they give you an idea of what to expect when using Ligandrol. Some users have noted drastic weight loss without even exercising.

Stacking Ligandrol

LGD 2033 is one of the best SARMs you can get on the market, thanks to its versatility. For instance, you can run at 10 mg per day, or you stack it in a wide range of ways. These are the recommendations on how to stack it to get the best results.


Most users have reported outstanding results when it comes to using Ligandrol plus calorie deficit and Cardarine. The cycle should take a maximum of 12 weeks.


Those who are planning to gain quality mass and have issues with an appetite should use Ligandrol at 10 mg per day with Nutrobal MK677. Users can go to 8 to 10 weeks.

Overall Performance

Ligandrol can boost your performance at the dosage of 10 mg per day with Ostarine at 20 mg per day. You can go for a 16-week cycle.

With Steroid

It is advisable to combine Ligandrol with anabolic steroids as it boosts your endurance, fat loss, and lean muscle. You can stack with 10 mg per day with any given steroid stack. In doing this, you can increase the results without harmful side effects of steroids. Although Ligandrol is not stronger as compared to anabolic steroids, it can help you increase both muscle strength and mass. Also, it will offer you many advantages, such as losing weight.…

A Detailed Guide to Ligandrol

Probably, you have heard about Ligandrol or LGD 4033, but you are not sure what it is and its effects. First, you should note that this drug is classified as a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators). The product is developed by Ligand Pharma. SARMs were developed to combat different muscle wasting diseases and conditions such as osteoporosis. The SARM binds itself to the androgen receptors in the body. That makes them play a critical role when building muscles. In fact, Ligandrol can help build lean muscle mass and even strength.

The fact that SARMs are designed for treating a wide range of conditions makes them popular among bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts.  You should note that Ligandrol is the most popular SARM out there. The fact that it is selective in its actions means that it cannot cause harmful side effects such as gyno or hair loss. Also, studies have shown that it does not impact blood pressure and liver values. With the use of this product, you can expect insane strength gains and muscle mass.

Benefits of Ligandrol

Increased Lean Muscle Mass

Medical studies show that test subjects make great gains. With only 1 mg of Ligandrol, they gained about 3 lbs of muscle in three weeks. Can you think of results you can get by using 5 to 10 mg for 3 months?

Increased Strength

If you can gain more muscle, your strength also increases. A lot of users have reported that Ligandrol is good for gaining a lot of strength. You should expect to add weight each week.

Safe Use

Clinical studies show that this SARM is safe when used at lower doses. The recommended dosage is 22 mg per day. The good thing is that Ligandrol was well tolerated during clinical trials.

Increased Vascularity

You may expect to see veins popping out here and there plus skin tearing muscle pumps.

The above are some of the benefits to expect. You should note that Ligandrol is pretty safe when you take up to doses of about 20 mg. It is not advisable to experiment with doses large than 20 mg.

Side Effects

You are probably thinking about the side effects that are associated with Ligandrol. The first thing to know is that you should purchase LGD-4033 from a legitimate source. However, many sites will charge you ridiculously high prices.…